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Can’t come to us?  No space on set for a tent? No problem!  Custom built for busy film sets, our ultra-mobile scanning unit is built into the back of a Sprinter.   It can be driven up to set and made ready in less than an hour.


Our custom-built photogrammetry rigs can capture complete scans in 1/1000th of a second, allowing us to scan subjects in motion, animals, and facial expressions, while minimizing wasted time on busy sets.


On set, we capture as many scans as you need, and only bill you for the scans you select from a contact sheet.  We are also supported by the Canadian tax credit system for all eligible productions, saving you even more money!


At Pixel Light Effects, we’re committed to providing high-quality scans. Our lighting setup eliminates unwanted specular highlights and shadows, minimizing cleanup. Plus, since the geometry is generated from same set of photos, we can produce high-resolution texture maps that are perfectly aligned with each scan, avoiding the need for potentially inaccurate projection and manual painting.

Our Clients Include