Looking to build your own rig? We are here to help!

PLE doesn’t just only offer 3D scanning services – we also manufacture everything we use. Our hardware and software are professionally engineered, and production tested on film sets around the world.

Camera Hub CH01B (Controls 16 Cameras)

CH01B Camera Hub can synchronize to 16 cameras with DC power and trigger signals. It can be triggered with an ordinary shutter release. Multiple hubs can be daisy-chained together, to expand your array into hundreds of cameras.

User manual

Camera Hub CH02B (Controls 8 Cameras)

CH02B has same functions as CH01B, except that it controls 8 cameras instead of 16. If you prefer smaller devices and shorter cables, this hub is the way to go.

User Manual

Control Box CB02 (Camera & Flash Synchronization)

Any remote trigger with 2.5mm can be used for Input A. Once the trigger signal is sent to the device, it will split the signal into two — a signal Output A and a customizable delayed signal Output B.

CB02 Overview


We can also provide items like DC couplers, trigger cables, power cables at customized lengths. We only use quality parts to ensure reliability.


We offer an end-to-end service to help you build your own photogrammetry rig! We can build anything from prop scanners with a few cameras to full body rigs with hundreds. We can supply everything you need to get it running, from hardware to software. Email us with your requirements at info@pixellighteffects.com and we will design a custom solution for you!