Here is what some of our professional clients, VFX and production teams have had to say about our unique services in digital capture of people, objects & environments.

PLE brought their facilities to us. They parked their fully-rigged truck with our production vehicles and we managed to book time with our Actor after her shooting day wrapped. This would have been more problematic if PLE weren’t able to work on site.

PLE were courteous, friendly, and technically proficient. […] PLE delivered retopologized scans that were rig-ready and worked well within our VFX pipeline. They addressed our technical questions and concerns, showed an active interest in our VFX work-flow, and made suggestions on the technical options that would best service our department’s needs.

The transformation shots are one of the highlights of the first season in terms of visual effects and has impressed everyone who has reviewed the scenes.

I have been rigging faces and creating facial blend shapes for 15+ years now. Using photogrammetry scans from PLE has taken my facial rigging systems to a new level in realism. I am especially impressed with the fidelity of the wrinkles from the scans. There is a realism captured from the actor that you just can’t get with only modelling.

The biggest win is that photogrammetry – at least the way PLE is doing it – captures 3D geo at one instant in time. With laser scanners or structured light systems you have to get your subject to hold still, sometimes for a few seconds. That can be hard for actors, especially children.

The speed of data acquisition means you can grab a lot more scans in a single session, and it makes scanning facial poses a whole lot easier and higher-quality.

I’d also add that the data was clean, organized and consistently high-quality.

PLE stepped in on a large project in Vancouver and did a fantastic job! They are extremely flexible and accommodating to their clients and were excellent when dealing with cast members and explaining the process so they were very comfortable in the scanning rig. The data was delivered on time and was exactly as promised – I look forward to working with PLE on my future projects.