24 May 2016


Having high-quality photogrammetry scans of an actor is a huge advantage when it comes to producing digital doubles; using our detailed 3d models, perfectly aligned high resolution textures, and accurate blendshapes, it’s possible to push past the uncanny valley.

However, scanning is useful for more than just faces.  For detailed costumes, scanning at this level of quality provides a huge leg up for the modelling team, turning a gargantuan task into something much simpler, faster, and cheaper, as well as providing a more accurate digital double.

One of the major advantages of photogrammetry scanning is that it comes with camera positions – from this, we can automatically produce high-resolution textures that are perfectly aligned with each scan, minimizing the need for potentially inaccurate manual projection by an artist. The diffuse lighting enviornment also keeps the specular component to an absolute minimum, removing the need to manually paint out highlights.

Each ‘capture’ produces 144 high-resolution raw images, which are automatically sorted, labelled and archived.

And just for fun, we 3D printed the model at a whopping 36 inches in full color.  More to come on 3d printing soon!

A special thanks to Sam Yunussov – our friend and actor extraordinaire – for dropping by in authentic paramilitary gear.