29 Nov 2017


Scanning can be used for more than just visual effects – recently, we had the privilege to work on Douglas Coupland’s Vincent Van Gogh, a monumental statue based upon one of our scans.  The final piece was installed at the Pinot Noir vineyard at Martin’s Lane Winery in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.

The subject, Daniel Baker, was scanned using our 144-camera photogrammetry rig, allowing us to capture his likeness in high resolution.

From there, we provided additional detailing in Mari and Zbrush – sculpting the hair and manually enhancing the skin pores and wrinkles – so that the details would hold up at such a monumental scale.

Once we had finished making these adjustments, the digital sculpt was sent to Polich Tallix to be cast in bronze.

More information about the project and it’s intriguing origins can be found here.