22 Jun 2016


After months of development, and a couple top-secret projects, we’re rolling out the first prototype of our custom-built, cross-polarized capture rig to the general public!

Designed to completely remove the specular component from the photographs, our new rig produces animation-ready textures.  By eliminating the need to have an artist paint out the highlights, it allows us to deliver a higher-quality asset while also saving your production time and money.

Since the textures are projected from the same cameras used to build the scan, it guarantees that the cross-polarized images are lined up with pixel-perfect accuracy – much more accurate than shooting textures seperately and then manually aligning them.

Like our full body rig, capture is instantaneous – all 32 DSLRs are triggered simultaneously, capturing the subject in 1/1000th of a second. This is perfect for capturing blendshapes and other fleeting expressions.

Our new rig has some more advanced features as well. Capable of firing at 3 fps, it can used to capture thousands of scans in rapid succession, perfect for capturing performances. This can also be used to scan difficult, erratically moving subjects – for example, infants or animals that can’t be easily directed.

With a 2 x 2 metre on-set footprint, the rig is highly mobile, and can be rapidly assembled on set. We’re currently doing free demos of our scanning setups – if you’re a producer, and you’d like this rig or our mobile rig in action, just let us know!