Month: May 2016

24 May 2016


Having high-quality photogrammetry scans of an actor is a huge advantage when it comes to producing digital doubles; using our detailed 3d models, perfectly aligned high resolution textures, and accurate blendshapes, it’s possible to push past the uncanny valley. However, scanning is useful for more than just faces.  For detailed costumes, scanning at this level [...]
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19 May 2016


For prop scanning, we offer two options: white-light scanning, and cross-polarized photogrammetry. Cross-polarized photogrammetry is a particularly good fit for assets requiring high-resolution textures.  For example, when we had to scan this bust (by talented Vancouver artist Kyle Huculak), photogrammetry presented the best way to capture the detailed, hand-painted silicone. Since photogrammetry scans are camera based, the texture [...]
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